Meet Our Designers : Lobogato

Lobogato is a Belgian brand founded by Veerle de Wolf, a jewelry designer girl based in Brussels.
Her creations are exposed in Bel’Arte since the first opening day of the shop !
We asked her some questions that will allow you to know her better. Here is her interview :

Jean-Louis : Who's hiding behind Lobogato ?

Veerle : My name is Veerle de Wolf, I'm 37 years old and I live in the center of Brussels, not far from Bel’Arte store :-)

When did you start creating jewelry ?

Creating jewelry was a bit of a dream, but in 2010, I followed a jewelry workshop and have not stopped since I’ve launched my own brand. In the meantime, I took professional courses to improve myself, for example at London Fashion College.

Can you tell me your best anecdote or your best memory since you started this adventure ? 

It was when I saw for the first time one of my jewels worn by a stranger at random from a walk. It does not seem like anything but for me it was a very special moment.

What makes Lobogato jewelry so unique ?

My style is rather minimalist and geometric with an original twist. I change my collections each season which allows me to create original and bold jewelry, but always subtle and elegant.
I find my inspiration by simply observing the world and women through my travels. I always have the attention to detail and I like to observe the accessories with which passers-by embellish their clothes.
Stylish people often wear a very simple outfit, which ends in a striking detail, such as a pair of earrings or shoes.

Finally, if you were a city of Belgium what would it be and why ?

Brussels because I studied there and I still live there. But above all because this city is innovative and inspiring but also familiar, warm and pleasant. And what is great in the city center is that there are so many different cuisines to discover :-)

Follow this link to discover the new Lobogato collection on our website.
See you soon on Bel'Arte blog for another creator's interview !

Jean Louis