Chiocciola Ring
Chiocciola Ring Chiocciola Ring Chiocciola Ring Chiocciola Ring Chiocciola Ring
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The Chiocciola band ring is part of the Caffarella collection. It is entirely made of yellow bronze. 
The Chiocciola band ring takes its name from its “snail shape“. This ring contains the imprint of a long stem of semi-fat plant.
To create a movement, Zoé decided to wrap it around the finger in a snail shape and tried to give the idea of the real length of the stem.

To create the Caffarella collection, Zoé was searching for inspiration and ideas to create something new to add to Célestine’s world. So she decided to have a walk in a very wild and huge park in Rome : the Caffarella park.
The sun was already hot and the plants were still green and smelly from the spring.

Being in nature is her way of doing research, and what makes her happy is to know that she can borrow things from it to create unique jewels for unknown people.
Maybe nature is a universal language, and for every person has its own meaning.

So this time she borrowed from nature herbs and plants that she picked directly from the ground and used them to make printings on the wax and then bring it to melt through the wax casting process.


Yellow bronze