Alpha Green Stones Bracelet
Alpha Green Stones Bracelet Alpha Green Stones Bracelet

The Gemini Alpha Green men's bracelet is timeless and gives an extra dimension to your outfit.
You can easily recognise a Gemini Alpha stones bracelet by his stainless steel spacer and his shiny appearance.


Diameter : 6 cm
Length : 20 cm
Stone : 0.8 cm


Semi-precious stones (Jasper)
Stainless steel spacer
Elastic nylon


The natural stone Jasper come from Mexico. It's an opaque stone that comes from mineral deposits of volcanic ash. The name means “spotted or speckled stone” and is derived from the Old French word jaspre.


The Jasper Stone is known as the Nurturing Stone. It will give your confidence a boost, and it will get rid of all your irrational fears.